Advances in Neuroinformatics V


5th INCF Japan Node International Workshop Advances in Neuroinformatics 2017

November 2017

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Published by
Neuroinformatics Japan Center, RIKEN Brain Science Institute
2-1 Hirosawa Wako, Saitama 351-0198, Japan

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Table of Contents

Keynote Lecture

Decoded neurofeedback as a causal and computational tool for neuroscience  
Mitsuo KAWATO    doi:10.14931/aini2017.kl.1

Responses to the (life) science reproducibility crisis: evolution of training and publishing in neuroinformatics for a more efficient research
Jean-Baptiste POLINE     doi:10.14931/aini2017.kl.2

Computational theory for constrained self-organization in neural systems and its applications
Ichiro TSUDA      doi:10.14931/aini2017.kl.3

Translational Neuroscience: from bifurcations to personalized medicine
Viktor JIRSA    doi:10.14931/aini2017.kl.4


Organized Session I The future of neuroinformatics education

‘What is information?’- in relation to the modern history of life sciences
Yasuhiro OKADA     doi:10.14931/aini2017.osi.1

Materials Informatics: An Emerging Interdisciplinary Field of Materials Science
Ryo YOSHIDA     doi:10.14931/aini2017.osi.2

Artificial intelligence and neuroinformatics
Shin ISHII     doi:10.14931/aini2017.osi.3


Organized Session II Selected papers

Development of a hypertext tutorial for construction of a standard brain
Hidetoshi IKENO     doi:10.14931/aini2017.osii.1

The experimental-data-driven construction of neural circuit simulation of insect brain using estimations on a single neuron and circuit level
Tomoki KAZAWA     doi: 10.14931/aini2017.osii.2

NEST: A mature simulation tool for spiking neuronal networks
Maximilian SCHMIDT     doi:10.14931/aini2017.osii.3

Quantitative Evaluation of Motor Control in Smooth Pursuit Arm Movement on Kinect v2 Sensor
Takeru HONDA     doi:10.14931/aini2017.osii.4

Visiome data for computational study on the receptive fields of the primary visual cortex
Shunji SATOH     doi:10.14931/aini2017.osii.5

The INCF Neuroinformatics for Aging Special Interest Group - Cooperation in neuroinformatics to accelerate validation of aging interventions
Toshiharu NAKAI     doi:10.14931/aini2017.osii.6


Organized Session III Dynamics of genes expressed in neurons and brain, their associated phenotypes and potential links to neuroinformatics

Evolution of V1R pheromone receptor genes in vertebrates: its diversity and generality
Masato NIKAIDO     doi: doi:10.14931/aini2017.osiii.1

Differential and tissue-specific gene expression in mouse brain
Yuko Okamura-OHO     doi:10.14931/aini2017.osiii.2

Transcriptome dynamics during in vitro neuronal differentiation with allelic distinction
Hidenori KIYOSAWA     doi: doi:10.14931/aini2017.osiii.3

Transcriptional dynamics of monoallelically expressed genes during neuronal development of F1-hybrid mice
Shinji KONDO     doi:10.14931/aini2017.osiii.4


Organized Session IV Brain signal: Measurement, data analysis and modeling

Unravelling Individual Differences in Human Brain Dynamics
Keiichi KITAJO     doi:10.14931/aini2017.osiv.1

MEG-fMRI multimodal integration to investigate neural dynamics while perceiving 3-D object shape from motion
Sunao IWAKI     doi:10.14931/aini2017.osiv.2

Challenge to the brain functional measurement during parent-child interaction
Mitsuru KIKUCHI     doi:10.14931/aini2017.osiv.3

‘Mathematical Structures in the Brain Dynamics of Epilepsy
Takao NAMIKI     doi:10.14931/aini2017.osiv.4


Poster Session

Dynamics of genes expressed in neurons and brain, their associated phenotypes and potential links to neuroinformatics

Brain Transcriptome Database (BrainTx)
Akira SATO     doi:10.14931/

Brain signal: Measurement, data analysis and modeling

Development and Aging of Motor Control for Smooth Pursuit Arm Movement
Hirotaka YOSHIDA     doi:10.14931/

EEG metastable states in nonlinear human brain dynamics
Takumi SASE     doi:10.14931/

Parameters Exploration of DWI-based Global Fiber Tracking with Neuronal Tracer Signal as References
Carlos Enrique GUTIERREZ     doi:10.14931/

Pattern-induced subjective hue perception is coupled with the phase of visual flicker patterns
Jonathan Kar-Sing LAI     doi:10.14931/

Database construction

Comparative Neuroscience Platform: the environment for the comparative neuroscience by facilitating data analysis and collaborations through neuroinfomatics
Ryohei KANZAKI     doi:10.14931/

KANPHOS Platform: A comprehensive database for kinase-associated neural phosphorylation signaling
Junichiro YOSHIMOTO     doi:10.14931/

Neuroinformatics in general as integration across experimental data, data analysis and commputational model

A Neural Network for Pattern Separation
Sutthinan ANANTARATTANACHAI     doi:10.14931/

A Quantum Neural Network Based System for Handwritten Numeral Recognition
Mao YAXUAN     doi:10.14931/

Analyze microarray data on three mental diseases and extract common risk gene
Yutaro KANEKO     doi:10.14931/

Big data infrastructure for online collaboration
Masahide MAEDA     doi:10.14931/

Closing the loop between neural network simulators and the OpenAI Gym
Philipp WEIDEL     doi:10.14931/

DNA microarray data analysis for schizophrenia using machine learning
Kazutaka NISHIWAKI     doi:10.14931/

Effect of Local Excitatory-Inhibitory Connection Balance in Reproducing Whole-Brain Functional Connectivity
Hiromichi TSUKADA     doi:10.14931/

Marmoset Brain Atlas Applied to dMRI Based Connectomics
Alexander WOODWARD     doi:10.14931/

Mouse behavioral phenotype database
Satoko HATTORI     doi.10.14931/

Recent Outputs of Neuroimaging Platform for Brain Researchers and Younger Generation
Hideki KASHIOKA     doi:10.14931/


Simulating the retinal cone mosaic with eye optics
Mio KUMAGAI     doi:10.14931/

Statistical analysis and inference from olfactory EEG studies: from sensor to source space
Archana K Singh     doi:10.14931/

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