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Secretariat of the INCF Japan Node (J-Node) was launched in 2005 as the starting of Neuroinformatics Japan Center, RIKEN Brain Science Institute (BSI). In April 2018,  J-Node secretariat was inherited to Neuroinformatics Unit, RIKEN Center for Brain Science (CBS). However, based on reconsideration at CBS, closure of J-Node secretariat at the end of FY 2018 has been decided. Accordingly, the collaborative development of neuroinformatics platforms will finish. Each J-Node related site is going to be transferred to a new managing form. Most of all are to be available for your continuous use, as shown in the table below. We also close mailing service from J-Node mailing list. 

It was a great pleasure for the secretariat to work for neuroinformatics in collaboration with many people in domestic and overseas institutions all these years.  We would like to sincerely and deeply acknowledge all of your cooperation and wish your further step for open neuroscience.

   March 2019

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 on 2019-03-01 11:04:26 (1032 reads)

Neuroinformatics Unit has published “INCF Japan Node PF Report 2018.7 version”.
It has the summary of all PF’s activities of 2017 and their latest activity information.
You can enter the publication page from the header menu, "Resources / Publication", or from the top page banner at the J-Node portal.

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 on 2018-07-24 13:47:30 (555 reads)

Neuroinformatics Unit has published the online journal "Advances in Neuroinformatics V" on INCF Japan Node Portal. The contents are abstracts of the 5th INCF Japan Node International Workshop Advances in Neuroinformatics 2017. We have assigned DOI to this journal. Please visit below. 
Advancesin Neuroinformatics V

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 on 2018-05-02 14:31:24 (664 reads)

According to the reorganization of RIKEN BSI, Neuroinformatics Japan Center was closed in March 2018. The INCF Japan Node secretariat has been inherited to

  Neuroinformatics Unit,

  Integrative Computational Brain Science Collaboration Center,

  RIKEN Center for Brain Science

The new unit continues to work for development of neuroinformatics. We appreciate all of your collaboration.

                  Yoko Yamaguchi,  Unit Leader

 on 2018-04-02 09:41:47 (547 reads)

INCF Update was announced on 2018.2.2 by INCF secretariat as follows.    

  • New strategic focus on best practices and standards    
  • Updates to the INCF webpage    
  • Implications of the new focus for seed funding    
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 on 2018-02-09 18:10:22 (874 reads)

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