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17th China-Japan-Korea Joint Workshop on Neurobiology and Neuroinformatics NBNI 2017 is to be held on Nov 30 - Dec 1 at RIKEN Wako.This series of  workshops has been alternately organized by participant countries since 2000 to promote interacions and collaborative researches in Asia-Pacific regions. NBNI 2017 focuses on frontier researches in brain computation and AI. In addition to six invited talks from the three countries, public contributions are invited for poster presentations. Abstract submission is open from Oct 3  to Oct 27NBNI 2017 official site:  LINK

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This hakathon is held at Kyusyu Institute of Technology on September 22-29, as a part of the project "Standadized workflow of human EEG in NIX and odML" supported by the INCF seed funding <Link>. In addition as a satellite event, NIJC organizes a workshop for EEG/electrophysiology metadata standard in collaboration with Dr. Roman Moucek. If you are interested in, please contact with NIJC.

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Neuroscience 2017, an annual meeting of Japan Neuroscience Society, was held on July 20-22 at Makuhari Messe. It is one of the biggest academinc meetings in Japan with 3,400 participants. From J-node, 8 platforms and NIJC joined the demonstration. NIJC would like to express thanks to all of you for collaboration in this demonstration.  The participation report by Sawako Suenaga (NIJC) is available in Japanese below.

PDF (in Japanese)

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 INCF Nodes Workshop was held on May 29-20 at Oslo University. The main topics of this workshop was focused on Teaching and Atlasing. In addition, there was presentation and discussion on the FAIR Guiding Principle by Maryann Martone.

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Registration and Abstract submission for Advances in Neuroinformatics (AINI) 2017 is now open. Please refer to AINI2017 website
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