Neuroinformatics Platforms

INCF Japan Node promotes development of Neuroinformatics web databases all over Japan by organizing collaboration with subcommittees with respect to individual neuroscience topics. We call the neuroinformatics web database and subcommittee Platform (PF for short) and Platform subcommittee, respectively. Following neuroinformatics platforms are on-going. This program has finished in March 2019. Those platforms are in principle continuously open in public at archive sites or at newly organized sites.


Chairman and committee members of each platform below are as of FY 2018.

NeuroImaging Platform (NIMG-PF)


NeuroImaging Platform (NIMG-PF) has been accumulating information relating to neuroimaging research field. It provides not only information of published papers, experimental data, measurement and analysis methods, but also tutorial course introducing brain research particularly for novice researchers. As well, unique reference function of papers based on brain activity region is equipped for advanced researchers.

Hideki KASHIOKA, Chairman, NeuroImaging Platform Committee
(National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)

Visiome Platform (Visiome PF)

Vision Science

Visiome Platform integrates research papers, experimental data, mathematical models and tools, and other information associated with research on vision (i.e. the retina, psychophysics, and higher-level visual functions) and makes this data publicly available.

Shunji SATO, Chairman, Visiome Platform Committee
(The University of Electro-Communications) 

Dynamic Brain Platform (DB-PF)

Dynamics of Cell. Circuit and Brain, Experiment / Computational Theory

This site promotes studies on the dynamic principles of brain functions through unifying experimental and computational approaches in cellular, local circuit, global network and behavioral levels. Our goal is to capture the autonomy and the creativity in living organisms which enlightens the complexity of nature and society.

Hiroaki WAGATSUMA, Chairman, Dynamic Brain Platform Committee
(Kyushu Institute of Technology) 

Cerebellar Platform (Cerebellar PF)

Cerebellum, Experiment, Theory

Cerebellar Platform has two sites, old and new. Cerebellar Platform (old) is a digital research archives for the cerebellar research. Available resources include mini-reviews of contemporary cerebellar research, list of papers and mathematical models for cerebellar operation. Cerebellar Platform (new) is a plarform for information exchanges among all cerebellar researchers.

Shinji KAKEI, Chairman, Cerebellar Platform Committee
(Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science)

Brain Transcriptome Database (BrainTx)

Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience

The Brain Transcriptome Database (BrainTx) project aims to create an integrated platform to visualize and analyze our original transcriptome data and publicly accessible transcriptome data related to the genetics that underlie the development, function, and dysfunction stages and states of the brain.

Teiichi FURUICHI, Chairman, BrainTx Platform Committee
(Tokyo University of Science)

ViBrism Database (ViBrism DB)

The name ViBrism derives from Virtual Brain with 3D-ISM. ViBrism DB is a database of comprehensive gene expression maps in the 3D anatomical context of the brain created with Transcriptome Tomography (TT). It contains 36,000 expression maps of the adult mouse brain at the moment. Through searching by gene IDs, users can browse gene expression profiles in 3D, download the map files along with software for further analysis on the desk-top computer, and moreover, find out co-expressed genes on the platform.

Yuko Okamura OHO, Chairman, ViBrism Database Committee
(RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics/Brain Reseach Network (BReNt))

Mouse Phenotype Database (MP-DB)

Brain Science, Neuroscience, Behavioral Science, Genetics

The mouse phenotype database contains the raw data of behavioral tests derived from various genetically engineered mice. This database is managed by the Comprehensive Brain Science Network platform.

Tsuyoshi MIYAKAWA, Chairman, Mouse Phenotype Database Committee
(Fujita Health University)

Comparative NeuroScience Platform (CNS-PF)

CNS-PF logoNeuroscience, Neuroethology, Zoology, Insect Science, Biology, Biomimetics, Biological Education

The Comparative NeuroScience Platform (CNS-PF) offers you direct access to a growing database of information on sensory, nervous systems and behavior of various species and a large body of ancillary material to promote their use in research and education and facilitate information transfer to engineers that are looking for mechanisms that may be useful to solve a wide range of technological problems. These are developed in collaboaration with the Japanese Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry, CNS-PF was launched in FY2017 by extending the former PF, Inbertevrage Brain PF (IVB-PF), which is also availble by clicking the logo in left hand side.

Ryohei KANZAKI, Chairman, Comparative NeuroSciencePlatform Committee

(The University of Tokyo)


KANPHOS (Kinase-Associated Neural Phospho-Signaling) platform is an online database for phosphoproteomics involved in intracellular signal transduction in the neural system. All the data are controlled for quality via review and database curation by our professional staffs.

Kozo Kaibuchi, Chairman, KANPHOS Platform Committee
(Nagoya University)

CBS Neuroinformatics (CBS-NI)

Data and Tools in Brain Science

 BSI-NI was launched in 2007 as an original database obtained by laboratories of  RIKEN Brain Science Institute (BSI). Since April 2018, this database is managed in term of CBS-NI at RIKEN Center for Brain Science.

Managed by Neuroinformatics Unit, RIKEN Center for Brain Science

Simulation Platform (Sim-PF)

Model Simulation, Virtual Machine

This site offers a virtual machine (VM) simulating mathematical model. Users can execute computational models without installing any software and tools on own computer. VM is assigned and simulation is executed automatically on it in the cloud.

Hidetoshi IKENO, Chairman, Simulation Platform Committee
(University of Hyogo)

Brain Science Dictionary (BSD)

Brain Science in General

Brain Science Dictionary is an online dictionary for students and researchers in neuroscience field, which is a Wikipedia style dictionary but written only by invited authors with peer reviewing process. Items are explained in Japanese. The articles can be accessed by anybody without any fee. The dictionary is managed by the Editorial Committee headed by Drs. Keiji Tanaka and Katsuhiko Mikoshiba (both in RIKEN Brain Science Institute) as a part of the Japan Node of International Neuroinformatics Coordination Facility. Our effort is totally non-profit, researcher-initiated, public awareness activity.

Yasunori HAYASHI, Chairman, Brain Science Dictionary Committee
(Kyoto University)

OpenNeuro Repository (OpenNeuro)

OpenNeuro Logo

Research Data Repository for General Researchers

 The INCF Japan Node platform OpenNeuro is to start the service early summer in 2018. The OpenNeuro provides a reliable opportunity for researchers in the field of experimental and computational neuroscience to share supplemental materials to their peer-reviewed publications in academic journals and conference proceedings that are available in the public domain. It aims at playing a core role for promoting and accelerating neuroscience. Toward this end, we encourage databasing of

-  complete sets of experimental image and/or time-series data,

-  audiovisual materials,

-  computational models, which have been described and/or analyzed in the publications.

Taishin NOMURA, Chairman, OpenNeuro Committee
(Osaka University)

Brain Machine Interface Platform  (BMI-PF)

Neurophysiology, Computational Neuroscience, Robotics

Brain Machine Interface Platform (BMI-PF) accumulates BMI (Brain Machine Interfaces)-related experimental data, mathematical models, and tools generated in neuroscience, computational theory, and robotics.

※ Development project of this platform has finished. It is continuously open for your access.

Comprehensive Brain Science Platform (CBSN-PF)

Brain Science, Neuroscience, Behavioral Science, Genetics

The Comprehensive Brain Science platform (CBSN-PF) comprises following the databases. 1) The CBSN database primarily contains information on researchers who provide support to other researchers in the CBSN. 2) The Neuroscientist-SNS is a social networking service to promote the exchange of information and communication among scientists in the field of brain sciences. 3) The Mouse Phenotype Database contains the raw data of behavioral tests derived from various genetically engineered mice.

※ Development project of this platform has finished, while it is continusouly open for your access.


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