Research Data management with DOI

J-Node uses DOI for the sake of the accessibility and sustainability of reserach data.

What is DOI?

Degital Object Identifier (DOI) supports the accessibility of data through URL even if the URL has any change later-on. By introducing "DOI directory", the accessibility to the registered data is managed. The use of DOI is popular in journal arcicles, wherease a number organizations have been started to manage digital research data by DOI.

Neuroinformatics Japan Center as a member of JaLC

Neuroinformatics Japan Center (NIJC) is a registered member of Japan Link Center (JaLC). JaLC is the only Japanese organization authorized by the IDF as a Registration Agency (RA) for DOI. NIJC takes a role of publisher in DOI assignment of each research content. The sustainability of each data is managed by NIJC in collaboration with each J-Node Platform and related repositories.The ownership of the content published by Neuroinformatics Japan Center belongs to the creator of the data.

The research content managed by NIJC includes prefix 10.14931 or 10.24475. The former prefix is used for J-Node content. The latter is used for Brain/MINDS content. DOI is recommended for the citation of the registered content for the sake of secure accessibility. 

An example of citation with DOI:

  Sato A, Shinoda Y, Sano Y, Sadakata T, Morita N, Yuzaki M, Inoue T, Hashimoto M, Ohwada H, Nishibe H, Yamaguchi Y, Furuichi T (2017) Brain Transcriptome Database (BrainTx). Advances in Neuroinformatics 2017. doi:10.14931/

DOI research data registration test project

When JaLC was launched, NIJC participated in DOI research data registration test project. Visit here.


  • Guidelines for Registering DOIs for Research Data DOI:10.11502/rd_guideline_en 
  • Use of DOI at RIKEN BSI, Jalc Member Meering reported by Yoshihiro Oumura (NIJC) (in Japanese)   PDF


  1. Assign DOI, DataCite  LINK
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