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The Winners of the 8th illusion contest has been announced at the 35th Annual Convention of Japanese Psychonomic Society 2016. The Illusory Oscillation of the Central Rotation Axis (OCRA) created by Dr. Yutaka Nakajima, Mr. Shohei Kakuda, Dr. Shunji Satoh (The University of Electro-Communications) was awarded. This illusion was created by using Psychlops (visual psychological experiment platform/software library) which is one of Visiome PF's activities.  Please see the movie of The Illusory Oscillation of the Central Rotation Axis; OCRA (with English subtitles). Please visit Visiome PF.

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Brain Science Dictionary is now available on Mobile devices.

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Brain Transcriptome Database (BrainTx) INCF Japan node Platform BrainTx formerly named CDT-DB has been reborn as a DB that covers the entire brain including the cerebellum. BrainTx is aimed at creating an integrated platform to visualize and analyze the original transcriptome data and publicly accessible transcriptome data related to the genetics that underlie the development, function, and dysfunction stages and states of the brain.

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Figure: An example of page. Tetrodoxoin by Dr. Toshio Narahashi.

Recent activities of Brain Science Dictionary (BSD) by Dr. Yasunori Hayashi new Chairman of BSD. Please see the details below.


Tetrodoxoin by Dr. Toshio Narahashi was approved as an official activity of Japan Neuroscience Society. The Editorial committee chair has changed from Drs. Keiji Tanaka and Katsuhiko Mikoshiba to Dr. Yasunori Hayashi (all in RIKEN Brain Science Institute), since FY2015. INCF Japan Node shall support the committee as before.  Figure: An example of page. BSD is an online dictionary for students and researchers in neuroscience field, which is a Wikipedia style dictionary but written only by invited authors with peer reviewing process. Items are explained in Japanese. The articles can be accessed by anybody without any fee. The dictionary is managed by the Editorial Committee as a part of the Japan Node of International Neuroinformatics Coordination Facility. Our effort is totally non-profit, researcher-initiated, public awareness activity. We are aiming to publish total ~1,000 words in the wide field of neuroscience and cognitive science.  Now about 400 words are finished and ~90 under revision/review.  We count daily access of 4,000-7,000, mostly from Japan. In February 2015, Brain Science Dictionary(BSD)

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Prof. R. Kanzaki and his colleagues clarified the information flow of olfactory navigation in the moth from sensory input to behavioral output by elucidating morphology and functions of individual neurons. The work was published in Nature Communications 23 Dec 2014.


Shigehiro Namiki,Satoshi Iwabuchi,Poonsup Pansopha Kono and Ryohei Kanzaki: Information flow through neural circuits for pheromone orientation. Nature Communications | 5:5919 | DOI: 10.1038/ncomms6919 |

More on the invertebrate brain at Invertebrate Brain Platform (IVB-PF)

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