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Brainhack Global 2017 Japan was held.

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Brain/MINDS Data Portal has been launched.
The application for INCF seed funding from Dr. Hiroaki Wagatsuma (DB-PF) has been adopted.
Canada joined INCF from February 2017.

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79th National Convention of Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) was held at Nagoya University on March 16-18, 2017. Neuroinformatics Japan Center participated in the demonstration through the cooperation of Simulation Platform and Invertebrate Brain Platform. This was our first opportunity to introduce Neuroinformatics to members of IPSI. To our happiness, many students and researchers visited our booth and shared interests. We sincerely thank everyone who cooperated in this demonstration and all visitors. For details of the demonstration program please see here. Demonstration report (in Japanese) by Yoko Morii (NIJC), please see here.  Please see more on Flickr here.

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RIKEN Open Day Wako 2017 will be held on April 22 (Sat). This event gives a good opportunity for everyone to become familiar with science developed at RIKEN. It is admission free. Neuroinformatics Japan Center (NIJC) will have hands-on event called "Let's find your own color by turning a spinning top!". We will also have demonstration on Neuroinfomatics developed at INCF Japan Node and the database of Japan's Brain Mapping Project, "Brain/MINDS". Visit us and enjoy our latest activities. For more information, please refer to RIKEN Open Day website here (in Japanese).

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On March 21, 2017, the Brain/MINDS Data Portal was opened to the public for serving the Brain/MINDS database. The project’s core institute is RIKEN, where the Neuroinformatics Japan Center (NJIC) is located. NIJC contributes to the technical development of the database construction and its management. The first release of the data portal provides representative content of the research themes being conducted in Brain/MINDS. The data portal will be developed further as more data is collected.

Brain/MINDS Data Portal URL:

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INCF Malaysia Node is arranging a summer course, the IBRO-APRC School on Neuroinformatics and Brain Network Analysis, in Kuala Lumpur on August 2-16, just before the 2017 INCF Neuroinformatics Congress. Please see the announcement by INCF Secretariat below.

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