Call for Brainhack Global 2017 Japan

Date 2017-01-30 15:15:48 | Category: Meeting/Event

Brainhack Global 2017 Japan will be held at the RIKEN BSI for 3 days from March 2-4. Brainhack is a unique conference that cooperates with researchers around the world on brain and neuroscience projects to promote information sharing and joint development. Brainhack Global 2017 is a huge event held at the same time in 40 regions in 17 countries. The Brainhack Global 2017 Japan is an event where researchers have an oppourtuntiy to collaborate on projects and related developments, share knowledge and engage in cooperative planning.  We are waiting for your participation.

Date: March 2(Thu)-4(Sat), 2017
Place: RIKEN BSI (2-1, Hirosawa, Wako Saitama, Japan
) Access
Application Deadline: February 16 (Thu), 2017
Number of applicants: 20 at most
*For more information, please visit here.

You can read more news at INCF Japan Node.

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