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Meeting/Event : Seminar by Dr. Marc Raichle on 3/28 Fri. at RIKEN BSI

Prof. Marcus E. Raichle from Washington University in St. Louis, will visit RIKEN BSI and give a talk at BSI Seminar Series as shown below. Please join us.

Date: March 28th, 2014 (Friday) 16:00 - 17:30

Venue: RIKEN BSI Central Building 1F Seminar Room

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Title: The Restless Brain


Abstract: Traditionally studies of brain function have focused on task-evoked responses. By their very nature such experiments tacitly encourage a reflexive view of brain function. While such an approach has been remarkably productive it ignores the alternative possibility that brain functions are mainly intrinsic involving information processing for interpreting, responding to and predicting environmental demands. I shall argue that the latter view best captures the essence of brain function, a position that accords well with the allocation of the brain’s energy resources. The nature of this intrinsic activity, which exhibits a surprising level of organization with dimensions of both space and time, is revealed in the ongoing activity of the brain. Understanding the nature of this intrinsic activity will require integrating knowledge from cognitive and systems neuroscience with cellular and molecular neuroscience where ion channels, receptors, components of signal transduction and metabolic pathways are all in a constant state of flux. The reward for doing so will be a much better understanding of human behavior in health and disease.



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