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Topics/Article : The “Right Pointing Arrow” Optical Illusion

Access to the Visiome platform website dramatically increased during the May 13-14 period, with a total number of 939 page views. This sudden increase was due to views of the “Right Pointing Arrow” illusion video, created by Professor Kokichi Sugihara of Meiji University. The Visiome platform provides a downloadable version of this video and the topic seems to have been picked up by various websites through SNS. The video was also awarded a prize at the 8th Illusion Contest in Japan (FY2016), sponsored by Dr. Akiyoshi Kitaoka of Ritsumeikan University, also a Visiome platform committee member.

Previously, the Visiome platform had a spike in access numbers in 2012 when Professor Osawa released a Matlab 2D Gabor Wavelet conversion demo and then in 2013 when the optical illusion “Gangaze”, created by Professor Kitaoka, was used for Lady Gaga’s CD album. This most recent increase in access number was of a similar size. The Visiome platform contents include illusion figures, analysis tools and models, etc. In the future, we expect more accesses to Visiome platform contents through media publicity. For more information on the illusion please see the documents below.


・Kokichi Sugihara “Right pointing Arrow” from Visiome platform contents


・The 8th illusion / complex illusion contest winning works FY 2016 (in Japanese)

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