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Meeting/Event : Brain Summit 2018 organized by INCF at Stockholm on April 24-25

The international conference on large-scale brain projects "Brain Summit 2018: Towards the alignment of the large-scale brain initiatives in support of clinical data " was organized by INCF secretariat and CTSI meeting on April 24-25 at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. 

Since the start of US Brain Initiative in 2013,  a number of large-scale  brain projects were launched all over the world generating large-scale research data in individual fields. INCF aims to organize the neuroinformatics infrastructure for the interoperatibility of those research data among different projects, which is essentially important to create integrative knowledge for the clinical purpose. Brain Summit 2018 is the first formal meeting in this line. Participants were from EU Human Brain Project, Japan Brain/MINDS, Canadian Brain Informatics Project, Australian Brain Research Centre, US Brain Initiative, European Bioimging Research Infrastructure, CREATIVE and CENTER-TBI. CTSI chair, Maryann Martone first lectured on the FAIR (Findable-Accessible-Interoperative-Reusable), a guiding principle for data managements. Invited participants introduced the missions and developments of infrastructures in their projects. From Japan, Drs. Tetsuo Yamamori and Alexander Woodward both from RIKEN Center for Brain Science presented Mission and tool development in Brain/MINDS, respectively. Next steps toward comprehensive understanding and collaborative development among Project were discussed and summarized. INCF is going to extend this activity in collaboration with related international groups.


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