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Newsletters : INCF Japan Node Newsletter No.38 Feb 2018

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INCF Japan Node Hackathon 2018 March  Call for Particpation

≫News Highlights
Reports on 5th INCF Japan Node International Workshop AINI 2017
Reports on 17th China-Japan-Korea Joint Workshop NBNI 2017
Activity Report on DOI Assignment to Research Data at RIKEN BSI

[Upcoming Events]
Mar 13-15, 2018 The 80th National Convention of IPSJ at Waseda University
April 21 NIJC exhibits at RIKEN Open Day (Wako)
August 9-10 INCF Congress Neuro-informatics 2018 will be held on at Montreal, Canada
[J-Node portal updates]
New announcement has been released at the J-Node portal menu "About>INCF" on February 2.
”Program>DOI" was added to the J-Node portal menu.

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