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Meeting/Event : AINI 2017 Organization Report

5th INCF Japan Node inernational Workshop Advances in Neuroinformatics (AINI) 2017 was held on November 20-21 at Okochi Hall, RIKEN Wako. There were 21 talks and 19 poster presentations. Participants were 91 from 7 countries in total. The main theme on education of neuroinformatics was discussed across sessions. The organizing committe hopes that these interdisciplinary and interginerationally discussion gave participants a number of ideas or priniples in their challenges.

The organizing committee would like to acknowledge all participants for their great conibution. Please refer to the following materials on details of the  workshop.

  • All about AINI 2017  Link
  • Online abstracts of individual papers with DOI (html)  Link
  • All abstracts in PDF  to be publised by adding some invited papers as "Advances in Neuroinformatics V"   Link
  • Album on Flickr  Link
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