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Topics/Article : odML and NIX as metadata standard

One of core activities of INCF is to promote metadata standards for sharing research data in neuroscience. odML and NIX are metadata schema and tool for data sharing in neurophysiology, which has been developed as INCF program mainly contributed by G-Node. Those have been extensively applied to human EEG data by Czech Node. In Sep. - Oct., 2017, J-Node had opportunity to join these activities as lectures, hackathon and short course. Participants finally found their strength in neuroscience data in general. Here this article provides the related information and reports by participants of the events.


  • NIX-odML Global Workshop and Hackathon 2017 in Japan, Sep. 25-28  Link
  • Short Course: Semantic Description of EEG Data, Oct. 2-6  Link
  • Program/Tutorial  "Short Course: Semantic Description of EEG Data" Link


Reports by Participants of the above two events are given below in Japanese. Link 

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