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ViBrism Database (DB), a platform  of the J-node, has been renewed. ViBrism DB is a database for gene expression distribution maps underlying brain structures and functions: the comprehensive 3 dimensional (3D) maps were created with Transcriptome Tomography. The DB now contains 36,558 3D maps of the adult mouse brain and 135,464 maps in total of 3 maturation stages (3 and 7 days, and 3 weeks after the birth).

The maps are searchable by gene names and IDs and virtual 3D maps are browsed on the PF website. A desktop software and datafiles for image analysis are downloadable. Expression distribution similarity between genes can be analyzed using correlation coefficients and shown as co-expression network graphs on the web site. The network tables are downloadable. If you need instructions, click “help” buttons or the “Instructions” tab on the site. A video about the Transcriptome Tomography is also seen on the PF site.

Please visit ViBrism DB by clicking HERE.     (Submitted by Yuko Okamura-Oho)

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