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From J-Node Secretariat
From J-Node Secretariat : Call for project ideas/mentors for Google Summer of Code 2016

Here is announcement, 'Newcomer’ for the project ideas/mentors for Google Summer of Code 2016 - deadline January 22.  Please refer the details below.

Call for project ideas/mentors for Google Summer of Code 2016 - 'Newcomer' deadline January 22

Dear Nodes,

we are now beginning plans for Google Summer of Code 2016, and would like to encourage you all to start thinking about possible open source project ideas and mentors to bring under the INCF umbrella.

We aim to have an initial catalog of project ideas up in mid-January on The INCF participation in GSoC has been quite successful in generating interest in neuroscience and neuroinformatics - we get many good applicants, and it is one of the major drivers of visitors to our websites. Last year we had 25+ good project ideas and 100+ good applications! The initiative also provides community tools with development resources and students with useful experience.

If you have not mentored and think you may be interested or just want to know more about the mentoring process - please contact me for more information. If you have colleagues or other contacts who maybe would want to work on a project with a student developer, please either refer them to me or to send me their contact info. But please note: for 2016, we've decided to set a "Newcomer deadline" for new mentors, so that we have a little time to bring them up to speed. They need to contact us with a project idea latest January 22.

Best regards,
Malin Sandström, PhD
Community Engagement Officer
malin.sandstrom[*] (*Please replace * to @)

International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility
Karolinska Institutet
Nobels väg 15 A
SE-171 77  Stockholm

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