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This site tries to provide Neuroinformatics related research laboratories university/research institute, events and careers, to be shared.

We appreciate it if you kindly submit your information on the above to this website.  Please use CONTACT on your submission.

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INCF Japan Node publishes the Newsletter once every three months and sends latest information and announcements by e-mail magazine irregularly. Please subscribe to register J-Node News.

Login User Registration

In order to fully use INCF Japan Node platforms (PFs) including data registration and download contents, PFs in general require LOGIN ACCOUNT registration. When you want to use PF with a login account, please contact each PF

Publication by Researchers/Laboratories

If you are interested in publication of your resources at INCF Japan Node, you may consider either of the following two ways.

1) Publication from any of INCF Japan Node Platforms that are now open

If your resources are related with any of platforms and you are interested in joining the platform activities, you may contact the platform according to the contact information of the website.

2) Publication from a new repository managed by NIJC

If you do not find any appropriate platforms for your resources, you are invited to apply to Neuroinformatics Japan Center (NIJC) Repository which is under preparation. Your contact to NIJC prior to the repository release is welcomed.


Publication of Research Project

INCF Japan Node platforms have contributed to publication of project research results. Their publication resulted in a large number of access among various contents. Japan Node securely supports Collaboration Research Project that share resources on the internet, as far as the research results are to be open later.  

 Examples of project research results in INCF Japan Node Platforms: 

  • "Target Oriented Research and Development for Brain Science", the Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology by the MEXT:  Visiome PF  Neuroinformatics Research in Vision
  • Grant-in-Aid for Innovative Research Areas

   Prime face database obtained "Face perception and recognition: Multidisciplinary approaching to understanding face processing mechanism"(FY2008-2012): Visiome PF 

  • Grant-in-Aid for Innovative Research Areas

  "Integrative Brain Research"(FY2008-2009) : Dynamic Brain PF (in Japanese)

   "The study on the neural dynamics for understanding communication in terms of complex hetero systems" (FY2009-) : The platform is used for registration of research results and also for resource sharing among several collaboration groups Dynamic Brain PF

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