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  OECD Mega Science Forum, Lounching of the Neuroinformatics Working Group

1998   OECD Mega Science Forum. "Bioinformarmatics" Proposal
2000   Topic succeeded to OECD Global Science Forum
2004   Proposal made to OECD CSTP
2005   INCF launched (Kalolinska Institute, Sweden);
  Governing Board Chair: Sten Grillner, Deputy Chair: Shun-ichi Amari
2007   INCF secretariat established
2008   1st INCF Congress (Kalolinska Institute, Sweden)
2009   INCF Phase I Review Committee;
  Governing Board Deputy Chair: Keiji Tanaka
2013   Governing Board 2nd Chair: Jan Bjaalie; Deputy Chair: Keiji Tanaka(2nd term)
2014   INCF Phase II Review Committee (Stockholm)

  Phase III; Governing Board 3rd Chair: Keiji Tanaka

  Council for Training, Science, and Infrastructure (CTSI) 

  Training and Education Committee (TEC) established


Governing Board 4th Chair: Maryann Martone


INCF Japan Node

1996   Participate in OECD MSF/GSF Neuroinfomatics Working Group
  (Vice-chair: Shun-ichi Amari)

  Project on Neuroinformatics Research in Vision (PI: Shiro Usui)
  MEXT Special Coordination Founds for Promoting Science and Technology
  Develop the Visiome Platform
2005   Establish the Neuroinformatics Japan Center in RIKEN Brain Science Institute,
  Chair: Shiro USUI
  MEXT trquests RIKEN's participation
  Join INCF as Japan Node and start commence activities

  Commemorative symposium to mark the establishment of the INCF Japan Node


  1st Interim evaluation of the Japan Node Platforms


  3rd INCF Congress (Kobe, Japan)


  J-Node International Conference Advances in Neuroinformatics 2012, Wako, Japan;
  2nd Interim Evaluation of the Japan Node Platforms


  Advances in Neuroinformatics 2014(AINI2014), Wako (to be held annually onwards)


  Starting DOI for Research Data,  1st J-Node Hackathon



-2019 March

  3rd Interim evaluation of the Japan Node Platforms    Establish the J-Node Education and Training Committee 

  Host the joint workshop "INCF Nodes Workshop 2016 Spring" & "Advances in Neuroinformatics 2016(AINI2016)" , Wako

  INCF Governing Board  member: Yukiko Goda, INCF CTSI member : Yoko Yamaguchi/Teiichi Furuichi

J-Node Secretariat

Neuroinformatics Japan Center 2005 -2018 March


Director Deputy Director
2005 Shun-ichi AMARI Shiro USUI
2007 Shiro USUI Takahiro KOKUBO
2012 Yoko YAMAGUCHI -

Neuroinformatics Unit, Integratice Compuattional Brain Science Collaboration Center, RIKEN Center for Brain Science 

   2018 April -2019 March


  Collaboration Center Director    Unit Leader 
2018 Keiji TANAKA            Yoko YAMAGUCHI                 

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