INCF Japan Node Hackathon 2016


The J-Node Hackathon is a collaborative event organized by the INCF Japan Node platforms in the means of promoting Neuroinformatics. Besides from Japan Node platforms, there are participants from Brain MINDS and SRPBS.


The INCF Japan Node sponsored the Brain Atlas Ideathon/Hackathon (BAH2015) in 2015. Participants had an opportunity to share information on neuroscience databases, the 3-D brain atlas, and software development.


This year’s J-Node Hackathon will cover a slightly broader topic: the joint development of software for managing neuroscience databases.


Thirteen diverse and extensive database platforms are available from the INCF Japan Node, but further work is necessary for improved usability and integration. One method for integration is data access based on the standard brain atlas, and another is data integration/access based on ontological categories. Last year the main target for the BAH was brain imaging and coordinates. This year’s broader theme will encompass collaborative development of software that includes ontological categories.


All interested persons are welcome to participate.



Schedule of events

  • J-Node Hackathon 2016 April

April 9-11, 2016 to Details


  • J-Node and NIDM Joint Hackathon 2016 July

July 23-25, 2016 to Details


Copyright Guidelines

The policy on research achievements for the Hackathon is as shown below:

  • When an achievement involves alteration of an existing software platform, licensing is subject to the original software.
  • When an achievement is newly developed by an individual, it is released and managed in an open source public repository, such as J-Node software center or GitHub.
    • In some circumstances, full disclosure may not be available due to research ethics.
  • Copyright of an achievement belongs to the developer, but it will be treated as a result of J-Node(NIJC) activity.
  • Lecture materials presented at Ideathon etc. will be disclosed at this website in the possible range, just like other developed achievements.


  • Organized by INCF Japan Node Hackathon Working Group
    • Chair  Tomoki KAZAWA Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST), The University of Tokyo
    • Secretariat  Neuroinformatics Japan Center, RIKEN Brain Science Institute
  • Contact c/o Neuroinformatics Japan Center
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