Brainhack Global 2017 Japan

Brainhack is a unique conference that cooperates with researchers around the world on brain and neuroscience projects to promote information sharing and joint development. Brainhack Global 2017 is a huge event held at the same time in 40 regions in 15 countries around the world from March 2nd to 5th. In Japan this event will be held at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute for 3 days (March 2 – 4, including Hinamatsuri festival) during this period.

Japan Node has started this hackathon event since 2015, and the latest one was held in July 2016, which was a joint hackathon with the INCF where we invited a few guests from the Neuroimaging Data Sharing (NIDASH) Task Force. Our aim was to seek international collaboration and exchange knowledge and techniques between the Neuroimaging Data Model (NIDM) and J-Node related software. We conducted tutorials and engaged in knowledge sharing and joint development on the standardizations for data sharing, using Semantic Web techniques such as RDF metadata, and analysis techniques, such as brain image registration. For the past J-Node Hackathon events, please visit here.

Brainhack Global 2017 Japan is an event where researchers have an opportunity to collaborate on projects and related developments, share knowledge and engage in cooperative planning. The central theme for this event is thus cooperation and joint development with a goal towards promoting compatibility between existing systems and the creation of common formats. We hope this event will spur the development of common APIs and services such as Web-based information visualization and image processing systems.

During this period you may share information using the dedicated channel #bhg17-japan in the Brainhack Slack Site. You may register here.

We call for participation from young researchers, students and engineers who are currently involved in brain sciences as well as those who are interested in this field.

Handouts from here

The event is closed. Thank you for your participation.


Date: March 2 (Thu) 10:00AM -4(Sat) 5:00PM, 2017 

Venue: RIKEN BSI (Wako Saitama, Japan)  Access

Organized by: Brainhack Global 2017 Japan Committee


Number of participants: 20 at most

Application method: Please register with this form

Deadline of registration submission: February 16th(Thu), 2017  February 20th(Mon), 2017  <Extended> closed


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Hotels near the RIKEN Wako campus (Please make your reservation by yourself)

Toyoko Inn Wako-shi Ekimae

Super Hotel Saitama, Wako-shi ekimae

Daily Hotel Asaka

City Inn Kita-Asaka