Venue       ※ please refer to RIKEN Campus Map for the building numbers in ( )

The reception desk will be placed in the lobby of Okochi Hall, Laser Science Laboratory (C32)

The venues for each sessions will take place at the following locations:

To the Presenters

To the Speakers in Oral Sessions (Keynote Lectures and Organized Sessions)

You are requested to check your own computer by connecting to the projector in the venue at/or earlier than the break time prior to your talk session. For details, please contact the reception desk.

Your presentation hours will include approximately five minutes of Q&A.

To Poster Presenters (Poster Sessions)

General Information

Entrance Card

All participants except for RIKEN employees need to get an entrance card at the guard station near the west gate of RIKEN. Please get the card at the guard station every morning and return it to the guard station every evening. Pre-registered participants may receive the name card on arrival at the venue. Please mention your name at the guard station and that you are participating AINI2018 workshop. For the second day, you may enter by showing the name card to the guard. 

Opening Hours of the reception desk

Friday December 21    9:00-18:00
Saturday December 22    9:00-10:30

Internet & Charging Devices

Wi-Fi is available at the venue.

Reference index for Abstracts

KL: Keynote Lecture
OS: Organized Session
PS: Poster Session

Abstracts Online publication

All presented Abstracts (including attached figures) in the Workshop will be published on-line with DOI at INCF Japan Node portal website.


Restaurants on campus are as follows. Please refer to the RIKEN Campus Map.

Cafeteria and Hirosawa Club only accept Suica/PASMO (prepaid IC card) for the payment

Cafeteria and Hirosawa Club are closed on Saturday 22nd. We recommend that you prepare your own lunch.

CoffeeTea Service

Social Gathering

Date & Time: December 21, 18:00-20:00

Place: Hirosawa Club (C72)

Fee: 3,000yen
Please pay at the reception desk at Laser Science Laboratory
(C32) on arrival.

Advance registration required.


AINI 2018 Secretariat
Neuroinformatics Unit (NIU), Integrative Computational Brain Science Collaboration Center, RIKEN Center for Brain Science (CBS)
2-1 Hirosawa Wako Saitama 351-0198 JAPAN
e-mail: aini2018[at]

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