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   Neuroinformatics has been recognized as a research field of information or data science, operating on the data obtained in neuroscience. Recently, as the scale of data being produced in neuroscience has increased, there is an emerging need for a highly trained workforce. Several efforts, including INCF’s, have been initiated for educating neuroinformaticians.

   They are required to become somewhat conversant in both neuroscience and computer science and have the skills to manage the big data produced in neuroscience. All of these efforts are important and valuable, however, neuroinformatics as a discipline should not stay as one field of information or data science. It is expected that a transdisciplinary approach between information science and neuroscience will create a new paradigm for the understanding of brain function. The neuroinformatician should not just wait for the data from traditional neuroscience, but should join the process of data acquisition; what kind of data should be measured, how to acquire it and how to analyze it. And they should reconsider whether the approaches for big-data in other fields can be applicable or not to neuroscience. 

   Since 1970 we have some experience concerning these matters at Osaka University, where we have established the department of biophysical engineering for undergraduate students, aiming to develop new types of scientists and engineers. The curriculum was designed so that they can learn quantitative literacy, hands-on research experience, and become somewhat conversant in neuroscience, physics and engineering. However, how to organize a transdisciplinary approach that will create a new research paradigm for understanding brain function is still an essential issue for us. We are expecting this workshop will provide us advancement toward the solution of the above-mentioned issue.



      Ryoji SUZUKI,   Dr. Eng.

Emeritus Professor of Kanazawa Institute of Technology; Advisor of Office of Research Development, Kanazawa Institute of Technology;
Emeritus Professor of Osaka Univerisity


    Yoko YAMGAUCHI,   Ph.D

Neuroinformatics Japan Center Director, RIKEN Brain Science Institute

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