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Call for Papers

  Public contributions of papers are invited for poster presentations and oral presentations. Please download the handout below.

             AINI 2017 Poster:     PDF in Japanese           PDF in English 

Abstract submission is needed for paper registration. English is used either in abstract or in presentations. Details of the presentations shall be announced after the acceptance notice. Abstracts of the presentations are to be open in-public at INCF Japan Node Portal with assignment of DOI.

Please select one of the topics below for your abstract.

  • The future of neuroinformatics education (related to Organized Session I)
  • Dynamics of genes expressed in neurons and brain, their associated phenotypes and potential links to neuroinformatics (related to Organized Session III)
  • Brain signal: Measurement, data analysis and modeling (related to Organized Session IV)
  • Standards for data sharing
  • Database construction
  • Neuroinformatics in general as integration across experimental data, data analysis and computational model
  • Others

Abstract submission is open from July 20 to September 27 October 11 (Closed).

Acceptance shall be noticed in the middle of October.

How to submit the abstract:

  1. All abstract must be submitted by be the first and presenting author.
  2. Abstract text should consist of 1000 - 2000 characters including blanks.
  3. One figure can be attached to the abstract in jpg or png format. The figure size in the published page shall be 350 (w) x 350 (h) pixels. An image file a little larger than the figure size is recommended.
  4. Please start the online abstract submission by clicking the green button "Abstract Submission" at the top of this page.
  5. User registration of the online abstract submission system requires an email address for the user name. Click "Login"->"Create a new account" on the right top on the Abstract System for a registration.
  6. When the abstract submitter specifies co-authors, their email addresses should be pre-registered as well. Co-authors can share and view the submitted abstract on the online abstract system when their user names given by email addresses coincide with those described in the co-author list.
  7. In case of public contributions, please select "Oral presentaion" or "Poster presentation" in the preferred presentation type
  8. In case of invited presentation, please select "Invited" in the presentation type.
  9. "Validation : OK" on the left top indicates the abstract input is ready after filling the required fields from top to bottom, please click the button "Save" then "Submit".
  10. If the submitter needs to edit the abstract later-on, please login the online registration system and open the abstract page. The submitter may start to edit by clicking the button "Unlock" at the top of your abstract page. When the button "Submit" is clicked, the abstract shall be updated. The abstract edition is available until the deadline of abstract submission.


All participants in the workshop including those who have submitted abstracts are requested to register from the registration menu. The registration includes application for Tutorial Session held on the second day and option of Social Gathering held in the evening of November 20. Participants in the social gathering are required to pay on-site. [Regular 3,000 JPY; Students 2,000JPY]

Participation registration is open from July 20 to November 10.

See below for details on Application of the tutorial session.

Application for Tutorial Sessions

The tutorial sessions are held in the afternoon of November 21. Session 1 and Session 2 are held in parallel in separate rooms.   The application form is included in "participation registration" at the top of this page.

Application is open from July 20 to September 27 October 11 (Closed). If participants more than the capacity are applied, the programming committee will select based on the participants' background and experience. The acceptance of the application shall be noticed around the middle of October. Applications for two sessions by one participant are not excluded.

Tutorial Session 1 "Introduction of High-performance Computing for Neuroinformatics"

This tutorial is held in the afternoon of November 21. It will give a short lecture on high-performance computing in the field of neuroinformatics followed by a hands-on session that uses a computing cluster. We will write a parallel computer code for spiking neuron network simulation on the cluster to demonstrate the usefulness of high-performance neurocomputing technology.

Participants must bring their notebook PC in which ssh is installed so that they can log into the cluster machine via ssh. They should have experienced linux and basic C programming.

The participant number is at most around 10.

Tutorial Session2  "Introduction to   statistical data analysis in python" (newly added on Aug. 3.)

The python ecosystem is rapidely turning into a solid and comprhensive  environment for neuroscience data analysis. In this tutorial, the instructors will  review some bases of statistical analyses with the notions of  p-values, power, positive predictive values, p-hacking and some  aspects of machine learning. They will demonstrate the use of python  (numpy, scipy.stat, pandas, statmodels, scikitlearn) for data analysis  and some visualisation libraries (matplotlib).  The tutorial will require some basic knowledge of python, and  knowledge of elementary statistics, but is not for  experts in python  and statistical analyses. Part of the time will be spent in showing  how to solve for some concrete statistical data analysis problems and  working on some code. The course is one or two hours in total. Participant number is around 15 at most.

Participants need their notebook PC and a working python environment. The method to install the environment shall be annouced separately.


Hotels near the RIKEN Wako campus (Please make your reservation by yourself)

Toyoko Inn Wako-shi Ekimae

  • 1 minute walk from the south exit of Wakoshi Station
  • Address:1-10-7 Maruyamadai, Wako
  • Telephone:048-466-1045
  • Official Website

Super Hotel Saitama, Wako-shi ekimae

  • 3 minutes walk from the Wakoshi Station
  • Address:1-13 Honcho, Wako
  • Telephone:048-452-9000
  • Official Website

Daily Hotel Asaka

  • 50m from the east exit of Asaka Station
  • Address:2-2-5 Nakacho, Asaka
  • Telephone:048-466-8181
  • Official Website

City Inn Kita-Asaka

  • 1 minute walk from Kita-asaka Station / 2 minutes walk from Asakadai Station
  • Address:1-5-5 Nishihara, Asaka
  • Telephone:048-487-1711
  • Official Website
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