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Social Events

  • Lab Tour

November 26, 17:30−18:30

Kanzaki Laboratory (RCAST, The University of Tokyo)

On-line registration is required.  【Registration closed due to capacity.
The aim of the laboratory is to clarify the basic neural mechanisms for generating adaptive behavior using interdisciplinary approaches of informatics, engineering and biology. We use an insect as a model animal. We have taken a combined approach at various levels from genes over single neurons to neural networks, modeling, and robotics, owing to their seamless accessibility to a wide variety of methodological approaches.
In this laboratory tour, you will see these interdisciplinary approaches including demonstration of construction and simulation of insect brain on the K-supercomputer, insect machine hybrid system which is a robot controlled by insect through its behavior (i.e. insect-controlled robot) or neural activity recorded from a brain (i.e. cyborg insect), insect olfactory receptor protein based odor sensors and so on. Insect Brain Neurons SimulationConstruction


  • Social Gathering 

November 26,  18:30−20:30

Restaurant “Capo Pellicano” RCAST, the University of Tokyo

Regular 5,000 JPY, Student 3,000 JPY (including food and drinks)

On-line registeration and on-site payment are required.

※Cancellation fee will occur after 25th November for resistered participants.


  • Tour of the Experimental Facilities-Wind Tunnels

November 27, 13:30-14:00

3M Wind tunnel (RCAST, The University of Tokyo)

3meter wind tunnel, three-dimentional flow visualization wind tunnel, and atmospheric turbulence wind tunnel.For more details about the Tunnels, please clik here.The tour of these Wind Tunnels, advance reservation is not required. It will be served on first-come-first served bases.





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