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This workshop is devoted to promoting data-sharing in neuroscience not only developed by projects but also among individual researchers and its application to innovative approaches. On-line registration is open in this site.

                         Date :       25-26, September 2014
                         Venue :    Okochi Hall, RIKEN  (2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama, Japan)
                         Fee:          Free of charge, Banquet JPY 1,000 (Sep.25) 


      Organized by INCF Japan Node, RIKEN BSI
Contact Address  AINI 2014 Secretariat                     
      Neuroinformatics Japan Center, RIKEN BSI

          email: aini[at]nijc.brain.riken.jp

Important Dates

   2014.6.20   Regular paper and exhibition submission open
   2014.7.28   Regular paper and exhibition submission closing(changed from 7.21)
   2014.8.12   Paper/exhibition acceptance notice  
   2014.9.10   Early registration closing


 Post-Conference Information    

INCF Japan Node International Workshop: Advances in Neuroinformatics (AINI)2014 was held at Wako RIKEN on September 25-26, 2014. 5 invited talks and 29 oral/poster papers were presented and discussed among 60 participants. Topics included data sharing, development of analysis tool, model simulation and so on.  J-Node secretariat sincerely thanks all participants and people related to preparation of AINI 2014 for their active and valuable contributions.  (AINI2014 on Flickr Click here)


The abstracts was published the online journal Advances in Neuroinformatics II.  Please click here.












Program Book (PDF)


  List of All Papers

Plerary Talks, Regular Papers and Exhibitions

 PDF download



Plenary Lectures

 “Present and Future of Data-Sharing in Brain Science”     


Plenary Lecture 1

Data sharing and collaboration through multi-level brain atlases

Xavier Vasques, Ph.D.

Blue Brain Project, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

Co-authored with Sean Hill


Plenary Lecture 2

Sharing Semantically Meaningful Neuroimaging Provenance and Derived Data
using the Neuroimaging Data Model (NIDM)


David B. Keator, Ph.D.

Director of Scientific Computing, Psychiatry and Human Behavior, University of California, Irvine


Plenary Lecture 3

Clinical and translational application of neuroimaging in psychiatric disorders


Kiyoto Kasai, M.D., Ph.D.
Department of Neuropsychiatry, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo

Plenary Lecture 4

Improving Workflows and Data Management for the Analysis of Electrophysiological Data


Michael Denker, Ph.D.

Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM-6) and

Institute for Advanced Simulation (IAS-6), Jülich Research Centre and JARA, Germany

Co-authored with

Lyuba Zehl, Alper Yegenoglu, Thomas Wachtler, Andrew P. Davison and Sonja Grün

Plenary Lecture 5

Resource Sharing at Multiple Level in the Era of Integrated Bioscience


Taishin Nomura, Ph.D.
Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University


Instructions to Presenters

Paper Type Presentation Style Presentation Time
Plenary Lecture

Plenary Session

30 mins (including 5 min Q&A and 2 min change)
Regular Paper
  1. Oral at Session ROI-III
  2. Poster at Poster Session
  1. 15 mins (including 5 min Q&A and 2min change)
  2. whole period with 40 min core time

Poster at Poster Session

whole period with 40 min core time

Details of Poster

Poster size

A0 (841W, 1189H)

Poster Core Time for each program number

  • Odd : Core A held on 25th
  • Even: Core B held on  26th
Call for Paper (Closed)

Presentation Style
  • Regular paper 

Each paper is to be represented in both oral and poster sessions. Details of the presentations shall be announced after the acceptance notice.

  • Exhibition (Poster presentation through the workshop period)

 Presentations on research projects or databases are welcomed.


Abstracts of the presentations are to be open in-public at INCF Japan Node Portal with assignment of DOI. Abstracts with no presentation on the day shall be excluded from the abstract book.

Research field:

Neuroscience, Brain Science, Information Science and Technology, Clinical Science, Engineering, Education and related interdisciplinary fields

  • Databases: construction and application (*)
  • Computational models and model simulation
  • Data analyses
  • Database construction and analysis with Big Data
  • Analysis tools
  • Digital brain atlas
  • Brain machine interface
  • Infrastructure of neuroinformatics
  • Tutorial contents
  • Clinical databases and its ethics
  • Application of web databases to education, medicine, engineering
  • Others


*) Presentations on experimental data not as any database but devoted to elucidation  on novel analyses or mathematical modeling are welcomed.



        Regular paper submission format (Closed)
                  Author(s), Affiliation(s), and contact email address are required.
                  Abstract should consist of title and text with 1,000-2,000 characters including space.
                  Exhibition submission format (Closed)
                  Author(s), Affiliation(s), and contact email address are required.
                  Abstract should consist of title and text with ca. 1,000 characters including space.
                  Participation registration (Closed)
                  Name, Affiliation, email address and banquet participation (yes/no) are required.
                  Banquet participants are asked to pay 1,000 JPY as on-site payment.
                  If you submit regular paper or exhibition, your participation registration is done at the
                  same time with the submission.
                  We appreciate your early registration until Sep. 10 as much as possible.
                 Your registration later than noon, Sep. 24 shall be processed in the same was as
                 on-site registration, while your on-line registration is welcome and helpful for the secretariat.
                Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Regisitration closed

                 Reference:  Hotels near the venue.

■Related link:
INCF Japan Node International Symposium - Advances in Neuroinformatics 2012


Organizing Committee

Honorary Chairs:              
Shun-ichi AMARI           RIKEN BSI
Shiro USUI                   Toyohashi University of Technology

General Chair:

Advisory Committee:
Akimichi KANEKO          Kio University
Yukiyasu KAMITANI       Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International
Ken-ichi TANAKA       MITSUBISHI Electric Corporation
Masao TACHIBANA        Department of Psychology, The University of Tokyo
Ryoji SUZUKI                Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Shin ISHII                    Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University
Tadashi ISA                  National Institute for Physiological Sciences
Kiyoto KASAI                Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo
Noboru SONEHARA       National Institute of Informatics
Keiji TANAKA                RIKEN Brain Science Institute

Program Committee:
Akiko AIZAWA               National Institute of Informatics
Naonori UEDA               NTT Communications Science Laboratories
Ryohei KANZAKI           Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology,
                                    The University of Tokyo
Yasuharu KOIKE            Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering,        
                                    Tokyo Institute of Technology
Norihiro SADATO           National Institute for Physiological Sciences
Tetsuro TOYODA           Advanced Center for Computing and Communication, RIKEN
Taishin NOMURA           Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University
Teiichi FURUICHI           Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of  Science
Tsuyoshi MIYAKAWA      Institute for Comprehensive Medical Science,
                                     Fujita Health University


Organized by INCF Japan Node

Sponsored by RIKEN BSI


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