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A colleague of Dr. Kanzaki, the chairperson of CNS-PF won the 32nd Advanced Technology Award “The Prize of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology”. Please see the following message from Dr. Kanzaki.

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International Workshop on Data Science (IWDS-2018)  - Present & Future of Data & Open Science –will be held in November this year.  Registration and abstract submission will start from early July. More details will be annouced later.
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Update of INCF Japan Node secretariat – Neuroinformatics Unit launched

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Report on INCF Japan Node Hackathon 2018 March
Publication of "Creating insect brains" from Asakura Shoten
Conference on Data Governance at Oxford on March 20-21, 2018
Brain Summit 2018 organized by INCF at Stockholm on April 24-25
NIJC demo at the 80th National Convention of Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) on March 13-15 at Waseda University.
Report on RIKEN open day (Wako campus) on April 21, 2018
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