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Neuroscience 2018, an annual meeting of Japan Neuroscience Society, was held on July 26-29 at Kobe Convention Center.  From J-node, 8 platforms including a newly released platform OpenNeuro Repository, Brain/MINDS and NIU joined the demonstration. NIU would like to express our appreciation to all for the cooperation for this demonstration.  The participation report by Yoshihiro Okumura (NIU) is available in Japanese below. See more at INCF Japan Node on Flickr.

PDF (in Japanese)

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INCF Japan Node (J-Node) OpenNeuro Repository is a new database of INCF Japan-Node. J-Node OpenNeuro Repository archives a variety types of supplemental materials that support your neuroscientific studies that have been published in peer-reviewed academic journals and/or conference proceedings. The repository aims at ensuring transparency and accelerating neuroscience researches. Examples of such materials include experimental (raw) data, including electrophysiological data, imaging data, and genomic data, that have been analyzed in your articles, and/or computer program codes used for your data analysis or numerical simulations for computational neuroscience. PPT-like presentation documents that illustrates outcomes/finding of your studies in your published articles would also be such materials that we try to archive in this repository. A simple workflow to register your materials/contents is provided by the repository. We welcome a new registration from you.

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Neuroinformatics Unit has published “INCF Japan Node PF Report 2018.7 version”.
It has the summary of all PF’s activities of 2017 and their latest activity information.
You can enter the publication page from the header menu, "Resources / Publication", or from the top page banner at the J-Node portal.

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